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What’s In A Name?

Cornelius Murphy 0

The internet has changed forever the way we now do business.  Shopping malls are reinventing themselves as millions of Americans now use Amazon Prime to buy virtually everything they need, with free shipping.  I could go on and on, but instead I’ll jump right to the point of this article.  Does your company own any generic noun website/domain names?  To become or remain a dominant player of industry, your brand should be associated with a generic noun .com domain name like the ones below.

Domain Price Date $9,999,950 3/11/2008 $7,500,000 5/23/2006 $7,000,000 1/1/2004 $5,100,000 3/1/2009 $4,900,000 5/1/2008 $3,500,000 7/6/2018 $3,200,000 12/1/2005 $3,000,000 1/1/2000 $2,750,000 2/1/2000 $2,605,000 4/3/2008 $2,200,000 12/1/1999