Press "Enter" to skip to content domain/website name sells for $30M

Cornelius Murphy 0

About a year ago in mid-2019, something really big happened in the domain industry. A domain/website name sold for $30,000,000. This is obviously a staggering sum of money and, of course, a record–by a large margin–for a public domain-only sale. This was just a name not a fully developed website, company or business. Just the name sold for $30M.

The new business VOICE will be a Blockchain-based social media platform and is currently in beta. On the website, the often asked question What is Voice is answered . . . 

Voice is a social media platform that empowers communities, champions realness, and respects user data. By requiring identity authentication and limiting one account per person, Voice aims to create a new and trusted social experience, free from bots and fake accounts. Voice is designed to benefit its users above all else. The value created by quality content is returned to the community through the Voice Token, a utility token that fuels content promotion on the platform.

I have a background in software but I won’t even begin to try and explain the ramifications of  a social media platform using Blockchain technology so just trust me, it’s a big deal. Along with this huge price tag of $30M and Blockchain tech in their platform, this company plans to go head-to-head with other well established social media businesses but they will have an edge over them.