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Generic .xyz domains selling for strong 5-figures

Cornelius Murphy 0

Domain enthusiasts are well aware of 6-figure sales of .xyz domains in the past few years that include some huge numbers. $181,720 $176,166 $125,000

. . . but what interest me the most are generic words banging at the 5-figure door such as . . . $8,162 $8,133 $8,000 $7,500

One such domain that broke the glass ceiling was which sold for $32,956 and this domain is a shepherd herding proverbial non-coms into 5-figure sales, soon to reach 6-figures.

If you don’t own any of theses, stock-up like toilet paper during the coronavirus and you’ll reap the benefits once they all start to cross the finish line.

UPDATE 1-8-2022

Data is coming in from December 2021 and the first week in January 2022 and things are really heating-up for .xyz domains . . .

December – $24,888
December – $25,500
December – $27,888

January – $79,888
January –  $27,888

I think it’s clear, .xyz domain names are getting ready to pop!