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Don’t be afraid of speculative fringe assets

Cornelius Murphy 0

Although I struggle seeing true value in cryptocurrency, I absolutely understand those who acquire it in small quantities. I was, however an early adapter of domain/website names and registered almost 300 of them years ago for about $10 each. That being said, how much should one invest (or maybe gamble is a better word) in speculative fringe assets?

To figure this out, let’s go back 10 years and take a look, detailing several stocks including Apple, 3M, Microsoft, Starbucks and Tesla along with gold, Bitcoin and a domain name from the .xyz TLD.

While all of the stocks along with gold went up in value with Tesla growing the most, the highly speculative assets of Bitcoin along with the domain name grew exponentially. Specifically, one Bitcoin cost $22 in 2012 and today is worth over $40,000, and the first registrations of .xyz domains cost $10 several years ago and today sell in the high 5-figure range. Examples include $27,888 $69,888 and $79,888 along with many more.

The moral of the story . . . Invest 99% of your hard earned money in rock solid assets that provide value, income and growth. But keep your eyes open and have some fun buying lottery tickets, playing the slots or black jack in Las Vegas, occasionally buying a clever domain name and of course acquiring a highly speculative fringe asset or two along the way. You might be surprised what could happen!

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