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Bitcoin Overweight? It May Be Time To Cash-In for Domain/Website Names . . .

Cornelius Murphy 0

Are you a Bitcoin Millionaire? Then my hat is off to you as I completely miss the boat on cryptocurrencies, I’m still kicking myself for it. I’m a tech guy, therefore there’s no excuse for me visiting Las Vegas and betting $500 on craps and not doing the same for Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies that have emerged.

Anyway, congrats to you and moving forward I’ll make one suggestion. Take some of your windfall and grab some Domain/Website Names as they are still a great long-term investment.

Which TLD (top level domain) is ripe for the picking? In my mind, the .com days are long gone unless you can afford to buy individual 6-figure resales per Domain/Website Name. But similar to the “gold rush” Bitcoin days of not that long ago, I’m putting my bets on a second-tier TLD (top level domain) the .xyz group and here are three reasons why:

  1. Google’s parent company, Alphabet (one of the largest companies in the world) decided to use for their website name. If the .xyz TLD needed something to put them on the map, this has certainly done it. Need I say more?
  2. The .xyz TLD group have had some big sales already; reportedly sold for over $180,000 while sold for over $170,000 with several in the 5-figure range.
  3. The generic noun sales have not yet taken off for the .xyz TLD but as soon as just one of them sells in the high 5-figure or low 6-figure range, that will be the new benchmark/going rate and they will all sell like dominos, so don’t waste a minute jumping in.

You decide, but don’t count on Bitcoin to be your sole investment as we all know that having all of your eggs in just one basket is never a good idea.