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A Very Interesting Trend . . .

Cornelius Murphy 0

A very interesting trend is occurring in the website/domain name industry that must not be ignored.

For decades, industry experts have stated that the “all the beachfront property” lives in the .com TLD or top-level domain. That was arguably true for many years, however, with top generic noun .com domain names hitting seven-figures, the tide is beginning to shift as the availability of short, easy to remember domain names has dried-up. Below are several recent domain name sales coming from the .io, .ai & .co TLDs among others.

One of these selling for at or near six-figures would have been an anomaly just a few short years ago, and two would have been interesting. However, having five GNDNs or generic noun domain names selling for top dollar outside of the .com TLD just this year is the establishment of a pattern and one that is only going to continue. Analyzing data suggests that in 2019, the list of GNDN six-figure sales from outside the .com TLD could grow by over 400%.

Don’t ignore this trend as it just might be time to grab-up as many GNDNs as you can as they could generate six-figure sales in the not-too-distant future.