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Generation XYZ Domains Report . . .

Cornelius Murphy 0

The team at Generation XYZ is awesome to work with . . . a breath of fresh air in the domain names industry.

For years, the .com TLD was the only true game in town with the rest in the dust. Now that literally all of the good .com names have been registered, are in use and or have been sold multiple times, ancillary TLDs are growing in value. XYZ domain names have been skyrocketing in value in the past several months and near 7-figure sales are happening every day. If you missed-out, now is your chance to lock-down some outstanding one-word and short .xyz names.

Below is a link to the Generation XYZ Domains Report from 2021. I know you’ll find this information useful and informative as you search Dan, Afternic, Sedo and GoDaddy for your next domain name investment.

XYZ Domains Report